The Computalker Speech Synthesizer

The Computalker CT-1 was the first speech synthesizer designed for personal computers. It was introduced in 1976, for S-100 computers, like the Altair and IMSAI. Software was available for Northstar DOS and CP/M, two popular disk operating systems used on microcomputers.

Vintage Computers: The Mike III – A Home-built Z80 Computer

I started building a Z80 computer system in mid-1976. I came across an ad for a board set built by Martin Research of Northbrook, Illinois, and based my design on their 8008 and later 8080 schematics. By the time I built the CPU board, I decided I needed a Z80 instead, and fortunately by then I had sufficient cash to buy one.

Fly Me to the Moon

This paper was presented at the Tom Carroll Lincoln Torch Club, September 21, 2015. It was selected for publication in the Torch Magazine in 2016.

How a Kid from a Small Town in Nebraska Got his Dream Job

My story.

A Simulated View of the Galaxy

My first article published in BYTE Magazine in 1979. This is how we did computer graphics back in the dark ages.

William L. Rush, Author and Journalist (1955-2004)

My friend, Bill Rush, author, journalist and disability rights advocate, 49, of Lincoln, born in Omaha, died December 13, 2004

My Life, My Way: The Story of Bill Rush

How I met Bill Rush.

A Voice for Bill

This article appeared in the Winter, 1979 edition of onComputing Magazine. Text and photos by Mark Dahmke. I added the first photo which was taken by Brian Lanker in October, 1979 for an article that appeared in LIFE Magazine.

The History of Hyde Observatory

This history is adapted from a paper written by Mark Dahmke and presented to the Lincoln Torch Club in 2013.