Mark has over 40 years of experience in software development and IT consulting. Currently he is the owner of Mark Dahmke Photography, specializing in c

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University of Nebraska Computing Network


Engineering Intern, Nebraska Public Power District


Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair

Member, Advisory Board, Hyde Memorial Observatory





The Prairie Astronomy Club: Fifty Years of Amateur Astronomy
Lulu, March, 2010

Website Administrator’s Survival Guide
Jerry Ablan and Scott Yanoff
, et al
Sams, March 1996

Using Concurrent PC DOS
Byte Books, McGraw-Hill, January 1986

The BYTE Guide to CP/M-86
Byte Books, McGraw-Hill, January 1984

Microcomputer Operating Systems
BYTE Books, McGraw-Hill · Jan 1, 1982

Partial List of Published Articles

The Osborne I

BYTE Magazine, June 1982

Product review.

The Compaq Computer
BYTE Magazine, January 1983

Product review and compatibility testing of the first IBM clone.

Tracking Soviet Television Satellites
Circuit Cellar INK Magazine, August 1989

VSAM and Virtual Memory for Micros
BYTE, November, 1977

Speech Synthesizer as a Communications Device
Nebraska Blueprint, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, April, 1979

Simulated View of the Galaxy
BYTE, April, 1979

A Voice for Bill
onComputing, Winter, 1979

Introduction to Multiprogramming
BYTE, September 1979

Introduction to Multiprocessing
Bits and Pieces Volume 4: Programming Techniques, BYTE Books, 1979

The Heath H-89 Computer
BYTE, August 1980

Microangelo Video Display
BYTE, (Hardware review), November, 1980

Computer Speech: an update
BYTE, February, 1981

BYTE, (Software review) May, 1981

The Mauro Proac Plotter
BYTE, October 1981

Altos ACS8000, a single-board computer
BYTE, November, 1980

Seventh Annual Siggraph Conference
BYTE, November, 1980, Dahmke, Mark, and Livingston, Kenneth.

Electronic Mail, The Paperless Society Is Still Far In The Future
Popular Computing, July, 1982

Scion Color System
(Hardware review), Byte, July, 1982

Guest Editorial “Let There Be Talking People Too”
BYTE, September 1982

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking
Popular Computing, October, 1982

The CP/M Operating System: What It Is, Why It’s Important, And How To Decide If You Should Use It
Popular Computing, November, 1982, Dahmke, et al.

CP/M Plus
BYTE, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 1983

The CP/M Operating System
Popular Computing, February, 1983

The Compaq Plus
BYTE, July 1984

IBM Compatibility Issues
BYTE, Special Issue, Fall 1985

An Ideal Video Peripheral
BYTE , July 1984

Using Assembly Routines in MS-FORTRAN programs
Byte, October, 1986

Papers / Speeches

What I Didn’t See
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, March, 2023

How to View the Northern Lights and a Trip to Svalbard

Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?

Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, April, 1987

Is it Live or is it Memorex, Part I
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, October, 1991

Is it Live or is it Memorex, Part II
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, February, 1996

Is it Live or is it Memorex, Part III
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, May, 2001

Episode I
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, September, 2005

An Island Unto Itself
A History of Hana, Maui
Torch Club, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2014

The Bionic Voice
Vocal Communication Aid Conference, Berkeley, California, May, 1980


A Vocal Communication Aid Based on the Computalker Speech Synthesizer
National Computer Conference, Anaheim, California, May, 1980

Other References

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Wikipedia: Speech Generating Device


Attended University of Nebraska -Lincoln, 1976-1980
Attended Platte Technical Community College, 1974-1976
David City High School, David City, Nebraska, Class of 1975



First Place in Engineering, International Science and Engineering Fair, 1975

Top of Fair, Greater Nebraska Science and Engineering Fair, 1975

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