London has been on my bucket list for years so last summer I decided it was time to go. I chose December because it’s off-season and everything is a lot cheaper and less crowded. Then one evening, while watching Doc Martin, a popular TV series filmed in Port Isaac, I thought, “I can go there!” Port Isaac is a small fishing village in Cornwall, about a four hour drive from London. In Doc Martin, it’s called Portwenn. This also seemed like a great opportunity to see the countryside, so I hired a guide (Richard’s Tours) for a two day tour.

My guide recommended several hotels in the area, but while googling, I discovered one called the Stargazy Inn. Naturally, I had to stay there, just because… what better place for an amateur astronomer? But the strange spelling was intriguing, so I did some more googling and discovered that the Inn did not get its name from stargazing. I’ll explain later.